Magic kit to energize

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Magic kit to awaken the inner magic. Connect with your being, clean, energize and smoke.

The kit includes:

Clay pot, handmade, to burn and smoke (Measures 8 x 5.5 cms)
Turmeric root (Indian sulfur). Highly healing properties.
Salvia: Cleaning of spaces. Burn it and ask with intention.
Palo Santo: Magical use: cleanse your energy. Light it at the tip and the smoke travels all over your body.
Himalayan Salt: Neutralizes negative energies.
Laurel Leaf: Burn it in the pot. Reduces respiratory inflammations.
Quartz: Balances the energy of the environments


Kanachoe Blade: Plant it. It sprouts very easily. It is highly curative.
Basil Flowers: Sweeten the spaces.
Rose petal: call to love.
This kit is part of the research project of Isabel Arroyave's doctoral thesis: Acts of faith - Permission to believe.