Selvatica Infusion of wild fruits from the Amazon

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Infusion of wild fruits from the colombian Amazon.

Enjoy the richness of the Amazon rainforest and help maintain its balance. Natural ingredients without gluten or caffeine.


Açai: Hibiscus flower, cinnamon, orange peel, ginger, cardamom. Wild Açai incorporates the healing energy and antioxidant properties of the Amazon Rainforest to create a spicy, warm and sumptuous blend.

Canu Camu: cape gooseberry and lemongrass. Camu camu condenses life on the margins of the Amazon rivers and expresses it through its acid flavors and its abundance of vitamin C. Accompanied by cape gooseberries and aromatic herbs, it provides a subtle and refreshing experience.

Arazá: Lemon and ginger. The wild arazá contributes its unmistakable fruity aroma and its high content of vitamin C accompanied by fine aromatic herbs, creating a refreshing and revitalizing drink.

Copoazú: Cocoa shells and seeds. The intense aroma of the soft white pulp of cupuassu, a variety of wild cocoa of Amazonian origin, is accompanied by shells and cocoa beans to achieve a warm, balanced and stimulating infusion ideal for special moments.

24 gr/ 12 sachets.