Traditional Cuatro tetas Black and White Basket

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Traditional Cuatro Tetas basket, woven in chocolatillo, made by artisans from the Eperara Siapidara indigenous community, in Cauca.

Being an artisan product, handmade, the measurements may vary a little.
Preparation and delivery time: one week.


Base: 36 cm x 26 cm. Height: 1 m.

Base: 28 cm x 25 cm. height: 76 cm.

Base: 25 cm x 18 cm. Height: 633 cm.

Base: 23 cm x 13 cm. Height: 52 cm.

Base: 19cm x 14cm. Height: 38 cm.

Base: 35cm x 15cm. Height: 29 cm.

Base: 18 cm x 10 cm. Height: 30 cm.

Base: 16cm x 19cm. Height: 28 cm.

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