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Diabetic Diet


Chips de garbanzo horneados Kibu

$1.60 USD

Teas and Infusions

Te orgánico de Yacón, Moringa y Coca

$6.40 USD


Chocolate de mesa Del Kmino Real

$9.95 USD


Brownies Chocolov

$2.65 USD

Gluten Free

Pasta a base de almendras, con espinaca.

$9.75 USD


Granola Natural Emerald Herbs

$9.00 USD

Breakfast and Cereal

Cereal Muesli 0 azúcar Casai.

$9.35 USD

10% OFF

Aceite de Coco Wuayra 100% puro

$19.50 USD

$17.50 USD

Gluten Free

Pasta de tomate natural Villa Santos

$7.40 USD

Breakfast and Cereal

Pops Quinua Natulive

$5.25 USD

Breakfast and Cereal

Pops Amaranto Natulive

$5.25 USD


Sirope de Yacón, apto para diabéticos. Emerald Herbs.

$9.35 USD

13% OFF

Harina de coco Wuayra

$6.90 USD

$6.00 USD

Super Foods

Golden Milk Padam

$14.50 USD

Gluten Free

Chia seeds Karavansay

$4.65 USD

Gluten Free

Niditos de Espinaca a base de harina de almendras

$11.55 USD

17% OFF
Breakfast and Cereal

Harina de Quinua Procerpas

$8.40 USD

$7.00 USD


Harina de garbanzo Karavansay

$4.75 USD

Breakfast and Cereal

Harina de Quinua Karavansay

$7.25 USD


Aceite de Coco Del Kmino Real

$14.50 USD

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